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Protea Hair provides top-quality hair bundles, closures/frontals, wigs and services to salon owners, hair stylists, store owners and online sellers in USA.

We sold 80000+ wigs in 2022, super long up to 34" and 100+ popular styles, providing wholesale hair bundles from 8" to 40" with best-selling 10+ textures in your market. 1500+ top hairstylists verified our quality.

About the price, all are close to factory-direct price which is 30% lower than other vendors.



- Raw Hair



- What Exactly is Raw Hair?

  • Raw hair is the epitome of purity in hair products, consisting of 100% unprocessed human hair. This means it has not been chemically treated, steamed, or exposed to heat, preserving its natural integrity.
  • Sourced directly from donors, raw hair undergoes thorough sanitization to ensure cleanliness. While typically sourced from single donors, it can also come from multiple donors due to the rarity of consistent single-donor availability.
  • Though its variety may be more limited compared to processed options, raw hair compensates with exceptional quality and durability. As long as it remains untouched by processing methods, raw hair remains in its purest form.

- Our Raw Hair Treatment




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Protea Hair provides top-quality We support Credit Card and Debit Card, like Visa, Mastercard etc..


#3 Hair Business Solutions

3600+ hairstylists, salon & store owners preferred Protea Hair as only vendor in 2023!